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  • Pamela Hayford

    Brian Tietz

    Sweet summer

    Popsicles melting on the tongue. Heat so heavy it physically slows your pace. Family vacations. Laughter on the beach. Summer has a very distinctive feel. It’s a time to recharge and reinvigorate. Read more

  • SleepGetty.jpg

    Getty Images

    The myth of 'sleeping through the night' and what parents need to know

    American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson answers what parents need to know about today's "must-have" sleep devices and safe sleep practices. Read more

  • Voices-Lut_1000.jpg

    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    Voices: I got this... or do I?

    As a new mother, the reality differed from what I thought it would be. I am in my early 40s and thought, I got this. With all the acquired skills, patience and the mindset of “I got this,” the reality is, being a parent is hard work. Read more

  • ParentChildUSAToday.jpg

    Forrest MacCormack for USA Today

    You're no Lori Loughlin, but these 4 mistakes could be killing your kids' life skills

    Parents naturally want to set their kids up for success, but even those with the best intentions could actually be having the opposite effect. Read more

  • Pamela Hayford

    Brian Tietz

    The Next Mailbox

    When I heard about Tasha Wallace, a mom, physician and athlete who completed three Ironmans — while raising two kids — I was in awe. I could never, I thought. But as I sat at her dining room table ... Read more

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