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    Andrew West

    Lee Health ending baby deliveries at Gulf Coast Medical Center, expanding at HealthPark

    Lee Health will end baby deliveries at Gulf Coast Medical Center in March and expand such services on the HealthPark Medical Center campus in south Fort Myers, home to the region's only children's hospital. more

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    Get cash for your candy

    Local dentists and orthodontists often offer cash for kids’ Halloween candy. more

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    How long should you wait before getting pregnant again?

    How long should you wait before getting pregnant again? more

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    That other important conversation

    Here’s a scary fact for parents: In the past month, an estimated 10 million kids younger that the age of 21 drank alcohol in the United States. That’s 10 million! more

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    Classes to help families

    The Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida is offering two new courses that reflect Lee Health’s commitment to improve childrens behavioral health concerns. more

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    Sam Kittner

    Overlooked danger

    Report highlights the dangers of swimming in open waters. more

  • Stacey Brown

    Photo special to SW FL Parent & Child

    What you need to know about mental maintenance

    Our mental health deeply affects our families, and it’s something we must actively maintain. Here’s how you can keep yours tuned and ready for whatever comes your way. more

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    How to spot abuse

    Being a parent or a caregiver means to procure a child's well-being. Abuse of any kind compromises a child’s well-being today, tomorrow and in the future. But what really is child abuse? How can you tell if your child or any child is being abused? more

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    When the dentist recommends sedation

    Has your child’s dentist informed you that your child’s extensive dental needs will require some sort of sedation or anesthesia? If a child suffers from severe anxiety or has special health care needs, this is something that might be necessary. more


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    Amanda Inscore

    Single Parenting: Only one thing is certain

    This was the first time I had to bury a relatively close family member and the first time I have had to be out of the country without my daughter. more

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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    A Mother's View: My gift to you

    Being a mom often means that so much of what you do on a daily basis goes under  appreciated and unacknowledged. So, let this be my gift to you this holiday season. more

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    Brian Tietz

    Where's the panic button?

    If holiday overwhelm is setting in, the December issue of SW FL Parent & Child can help. We're all in this together. more

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    Cool ways for teens to volunteer

    While many students simply sign up for various charity events, the ones who pick a passion, create their own project or use their talents to help others get a lot more than the fulfillment of required service. more

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    How to balance sports and family during the holidays

    'Tis the season for crazy busy holiday schedules, and if your child is playing sports, the plot thickens. There are some ways to calm the busy-ness and manage the conflicts. more

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