October 2019


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What started out so innocently has become a full-blown PokeBowl Cafe addiction. Read more


Pamela Hayford

Brian Tietz

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Even here in Southwest Florida. The leaves might not change colors, but this region has its own magic. Read more



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The corn mazes and zombie paintball are just one of dozens of Halloween and autumn-themed events this month. There’s everything from the spooky and scary to the sweet. Read more

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Jeff Fay/special to SW FL Parent & Child

Florida has many legends and spooky places to visit — especially around Halloween. According to, there are 570 documented haunted spots in Florida. With the help of site owner Bill Spann, we put together a hauntingly good road trip. Read more

Things To Do


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Families with children who have food allergies have more to fear on Halloween than just ghosts and vampires. Exposure risk increases this time of year with six of the eight major allergens in high circulation. Read more



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This sweet treat recipe contains no milk, gluten, peanut,egg, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, tree nut or sesame. It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch creation that goes back a long way and uses ingredients that are probably already in the pantry. Read more



Mark Clifford/Special to the New

Jim Kroll, a teacher at Mariner Middle School, rarely gets to have lunch with his elementary-school daughters. Instead, he carefully crafts edible koalas and pandas, and sends them in his place. Read more


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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    The League of Courageous Women holds events throughout the year to empower girls and young women.

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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    Mollie Page is a business writer and public relations agent in Southwest Florida. She is a member of the board of directors of the League of Courageous Women ( and the proud mother of a courageous future female leader.

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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    The Don CeSar on St. Pete Beach

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    Bruce Buck/special to SW FL Parent & Child

    The Don CeSar on St. Pete Beach

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    John W. Penney/special to SW FL Parent & Child

    Ghosts & Gravestones tour in St. Augustine

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    The Teal Pumpkin Project is an effort to provide children who have allergies an alternative to the usual Halloween treats.