The cobwebs have melded into your bushes. The skulls and skeletons have been thrown into a box until next year. All that's left is candy. Piles and piles of candy. What are you possibly going to do with all of it? Here are five ideas. Read more



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Parents deploy all sorts of strategies to get picky eaters to try new foods. But one man's tactic is stirring up controversy — and a nutritionist says there are better ways to get toddlers to eat. Read more



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For many children in Southwest Florida, school is their main source for a nutritious meal. To make sure no child goes hungry over the long summer break, Lee and Collier schools are participating in the USDA summer food service program. Read more



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At The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, you give in to grilled cheese; the kids give in to Brussels sprouts. Read more



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As students complete state testing and prepare for final exams, it’s again time to consider — or reconsider — what you’re packing in their school lunches. Read more



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Naples mom fights beauty standards for fruits, vegetables with subscription delivery service. Read more



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In this dish, the sweetness of fresh strawberries and juicy mangoes combine with the zing of lime and the heat of jalapenos. The result is a tasty treat that bites back just a little. Instead of traditional tortilla chips, use dried apple chips. Read more


Food writer Shelby Reynolds rounded up a handful of the trendiest party themes and snack ideas to match to create the Pinterest-worthy party of your dreams. Read more



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One trick to keeping your salad fresh and healthy is making your own salad dressing. Read more



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Some restaurants in Southwest Florida offer more options for families who are looking to introduce their children to healthier and more diverse food at an early age. Read more



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The kids’ menu at Poached is extensive and cheap, and it caters to all the kid favorites. Everything from the chocolate chip pancakes and cheesy eggs to the dino nuggets, mac and cheese, sandwiches and more are $5 including a drink. Read more


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    Protein Power Muffins

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    Sticky rashers of thick-cut, apple-smoked bacon get a Backyard Beer Garden twist dangling from a miniature clothesline. My only question: How do you clean those clothespins?

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    Campfire style s'mores capture the essence of Backyard Beer Garden in Cape Coral.

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    Carter Coughlin picks strawberries at Farmer Mike’s U-Pick in Bonita Springs.

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    The Irish Benedict at Poached