December 2019


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When teenagers are at your home, you know where they are, you know they are safe and what they are doing. Yet making a home teen-friendly can be a balancing act of supervision, things to do and sometimes just plain luck of where teens want to grav... Read more



Andrea Melendez

Kristen Peterson supports single mothers in numerous ways through the creation of A Mom’s Helping Hand of SWFL. Read more



Jon Austria

The long-awaited Baker Park in Naples features a playground, walking and biking paths, a grassy knoll and more. Read more

Things To Do



Like Southwest Florida, the islands celebrate the holidays with lots of décor, surfing Santas and tremendous island fun. Read more

Things To Do


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Involving kids in the kitchen can help build strong relationships and healthy eating habits. Read more



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When In the Kitchen writer and Lee Health clinical children's dietitian Noel Konken was a child, she often made this with her mother. She shares it with readers in the December 2019 issue of SW FL Parent & Child. Read more


Pamela Hayford

Brian Tietz

Gratitude makes the world better. When I’m stressed or otherwise in a bad mood, listing things to be grateful about turns my mood around. Read more



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Naples student and founder of Fridays for Future Naples, Sandra Villamizar explains why local students and adults are joining the strike for climate action. Read more


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    Andrea Melendez

    Kristen Peterson is the founder and president of A Mom’s Helping Hand of SWFL, a nonprofit aimed at helping single moms.

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    Rainbow Reef at the Aulani, a Disney resort in Hawaii

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    Hanamua Bay in Hawaii

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    Christmas eve cookies and cocoa at the Aulani, a Disney resort in Hawaii

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    Marriott Vacation Club property in Hawaii decorated for the holidays