December 2019


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Involving kids in the kitchen can help build strong relationships and healthy eating habits. Read more



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When In the Kitchen writer and Lee Health clinical children's dietitian Noel Konken was a child, she often made this with her mother. She shares it with readers in the December 2019 issue of SW FL Parent & Child. Read more


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Gratitude makes the world better. When I’m stressed or otherwise in a bad mood, listing things to be grateful about turns my mood around. Read more



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Naples student and founder of Fridays for Future Naples, Sandra Villamizar explains why local students and adults are joining the strike for climate action. Read more


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    A sweet apple salad made with red apples instead of Granny Smiths.

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    Protesters prepare to parade through downtown Naples to bring attention to climate change on a Friday in September at Cambier Park.

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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    Sandra Villamizar of Naples