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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    'My brother has autism'

    How one Southwest Florida family adjusts to an autism diagnosis. Read more

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    New poll says parents are killing kids' life skills

    Bribing SAT proctors, paying off college officials and lying about kids' athletic credentials is illegal, but a new poll show it's also part of a pattern of today's parents taking control so their children succeed and avoid disappointment and failure Read more

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    Nancy Loughlin

    Kids’ guide to surviving gossip

    Southwest Florida author Nancy Next shares an excerpt from her book “Trash Talk: Words Matter” Read more

  • Pamela Hayford

    Brian Tietz

    Go play outside!

    Warm sun on my skin. A cool breeze. These are the days that make visitors fall in love with Southwest Florida (and make me want to play hooky). But these days are numbered. Read more

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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    Kids' smart watch born in Fort Myers

    iGPS based in Fort Myers recognized as a national leader in wearable technology. Read more

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    Special to SW FL Parent & Child

    Grandparents take on an important role

    Grandparents today are taking a larger role in the lives of their grandchildren, sharing their worries and joys, giving them love and support, and helping out harried and exhausted parents. Read more

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    Vaping is on the rise among teens

    Teen use of e-cigarettes is on fire here in Southwest Florida, and kids are finding clever ways to hide it from parents. Read more

  • Janis B. Meredith

    Special to SWFL Parent & Child

    My kids’ sports taught me a lot about myself

    Parents always say how much they learn about themselves when they have kids. So true. But when my kids started playing sports, the learning progressed to a whole new level. Read more

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    How to deal with mean kids

    It’s a tough world out there. When a child has been the target of unkind words or behavior, it’s easy for parents to jump straight into protective mode. This is actually the last thing we should be doing. Read more

  • Pamela Hayford

    Brian Tietz

    Go on, give in

    Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing — when that thing you’re being pressured to do is good. Maybe it’s eating healthy because all your friends are doing it or getting organized because everyone is obsessed with Marie Kondo’s "Tidying Up." Read more

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