Take a break from the chaos with us. Always striving to be an easy-read resource for parents, Southwest Florida Parent & Child magazine delves into the latest parenting issues, introduces readers to various voices in the community, explores family-friendly restaurants and attractions, provides information on family-friendly events and much more. The October 2018 cover of Southwest Florida Parent & Child magazine. On the cover: Jack Koeneman, 3, of Fort Myers, holds a chick at Southern Fresh Farms in south Fort Myers.

Every issue gives readers:

  • Compelling features about Southwest Florida people and organizations relevant to local families
  • Information you can use to make family life easier
  • Fun family events
  • Viewpoints from other parents, children and community leaders
  • Expert advice
  • Recipes, cooking tips and restaurant reviews
  • Stories for parents of all ages, from babies and toddlers to tweens and teens.
  • Safety information
  • Travel ideas, from short day trips to longer excursions with the whole family
  • Snapshots from around town
  • Round-ups of helpful and just downright fun products for the child — and the parent.

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